Rainbow Moonstone Yoga Jewelry and Chakra Bracelets

Reminiscent of opal, Rainbow Moonstone is a stunning healing gemstone – perfect for fancier chakra jewelry, reiki bracelets and yoga jewelry. It has been known as a sacred healing crystal going back at least two thousand years throughout Asia and Europe. As you might expect from its bright, luminescent look, Rainbow Moonstone will bring out your inner beauty, inspire you to express your positive and confident feelings, and help you to show the world your hopes and faith. Rainbow Moonstone chakra jewelry also emits a noticeable vibration that can connect you with psychic feelings – particularly for those born under the sign of Cancer. It is associated with the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra. This is a strongly spiritual stone that can help balance male and female energies, aligning you with the intense connections between the Earth and the Moon – hence, its name! The Rainbow Moonstone is found in India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia, Myanmar, Australia and North America. 


Rainforest Jasper Chakra Jewelry

Laying on the ground, covered in dirt and unpolished, you might think that Rainbow Jasper was “just a rock.” But this green form of Rhyolite is really one of our most powerful healing stones – and when polished one of the most beautiful. Also known as Australian Rainbow Jasper because it comes from Western Australia, Rainbow Jasper emits a tender, undulating energy that attracts upbeat, positive people into our lives. This chakra jewelry stone also has the effect of inspiring the wearer to be more sensitive to the earth and the environment, pulling us toward natural places and spaces. When transformed into yoga jewelry or a reiki bracelet by a trained healer, Rainforest Jasper will bond with the wearer and emit a vibration for courage and positive change. This is a Heart Chakra healing stone and is associated with the Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius Astrological signs. 



Amazonite Crystal Healing Jewelry and Reiki Jewelry

Amazonite has been recognized and used as a sacred healing stone in ancient cultures around the world since before the dawn of civilization. It has been found in jewelry, amulets, talismans and totems from South America, Meso-America, Egypt, Sudan and Mesopotamia, to many other cultures. Amazonite was used as an embedded decorative embellishment in sacred Egyptian materials, and Amazonite was the third stone in the breastplate of the ancient Jewish High Priest.

Referred to as the Courage Stone and also the Truth Stone, Amazonite is known to enable a wearer to enter her self to discover deeper truths, understanding and aligning with integrity. Amazonite has been associated with freeing the wearer from judgements, from self-persecution, and from crippling misconceptions by clearing the consciousness and redefining emoptional space. 

As a metaphysical conduit, Amazonite has the effect of calming the Chakras and aligning the physical body with the ethereal. Amazonite has been shown for eons to be especially empowering for the Heart and Throat Chakras, energizing loving vibrations across multiple levels. Amazonite can also assist with balancing one’s male and female energies and other off-kilter personalty elements. It can re-awaken empathy and compassion by opening previously rigid perceptions and opinions.

How does it work? From the Chakra perspective, Amazonite aligns with the The Throat Chakra and Heart Chakras. The Throat Chakra "speaks" for the body -- it is the physical body's "voice.". It allows powerful and necessary energy from all the other chakras to be "spoken," or expressed. If the Throat Chakra is blocked off, it will put into imballance all other chakras. However, when the Throat Chakra is open and balanced, so are we.

I love to use Amazonite in my Chakra and Yoga crystal therapy jewelry practice. It's bright blue color and subtle, nuanced sacred healing and Chakra alignments work great in combination with so many other stones.



Agate Reiki Jewelry and Agate Crystal Healing Jewelry

I feel that it is very important that your crystal therapy and Chakra jewelry is thoughtfully created by a Vinyasa Yoga teacher and guide so that each item will be infused with specific intention and put together piece-by-piece so that it can truly be called chakra healing jewelry. Let's learn about agate healing stones!

Agate is a variety of the banded Chalcedony, which is a Quartz. Because of its banded “river” and circular “eye” markings, many sacred cultures thought of the agate stone as an “Earth rainbow,” both because it has healing properties of introspection and because its concentric bands come in virtually every color that the sun’s light and the Earth combine to bring forth. It is no surprise, then, that the sacred Agate healing stones have been found with the artifacts of virtually all ancient and medieval peoples.

Metaphysically, Agate produces a mild intensity, vibrating at a slower frequency than many other stones. However, this is not a sign of it having less power. Rather it is known to be a sign of its steady intensity and constant connection to all natural and cosmic forces. Indeed, Agate is revered as both a stabilizing and rejuvenating influence. While appearing fragile and delicate, the healing crystals and stones of Agate are in fact resilient, powerful and strong. Agate is known as being appropriate for brining balance to emotional, physical and mental energy, and for helping to harmonize oppositional characteristics.

The Agate aligns with the Crown Chakra, the seat of highest human perfection.  The Crown Chakra (located in our physical body at the top of your head) unites in itself all of the energies of the lower centers. When this chakra unfolds, any blockages remaining in the other six dissolve and the energies begin to vibrate at their highest possible frequencies. Without the opening of the Crown Chakra we will feel separated from abundance and wholeness and will not be completely free of fear.


Tourmaline Crystal Healing Jewelry and Tourmaline Reiki Jewelry

Tourmaline is a powerful healing, Chakra and Yoga crystal for many reasons. 

 Tourmaline is truly unique. It is part of complicated family called aluminum borosilicates that combine magnesium and other metals to bring forth an explosion of natural colors -- yellow, pink, red, green, brown, black, blue or violet. Truly, Tourmaline is a stone that births itself in color for each of the main Chakras. Tourmaline was known to the ancients as an important and magical healing crystal. Egyptian legends tell us that Tourmaline traveled from the center of the Earth, passing through a rainbow, to bring all of the beautiful, healing colored light back to earth for our benefit.

In its natural, elemental environment, Tourmaline forms as a vertical crystal with a distinctive triangular cross-section that can be opaque or transparent and that can feature one color or many. You can imagine the possibilities for totems, bead and healing crystals! As we pronounce it in English, the name Tourmaline comes down from the ancient Sinhalese word "Turmali," which expresses the idea, "a sacred, precious stone of many colors." Tourmaline attracted the attention of sacred healers from the dawn  of time not ONLY for its colors -- but for its ability to become charged electrically simply by rubbing it or heating it.

Because it is a complex stone, Tourmaline has a complex and powerful Chakra profile. However, in all ways and expressions it reflects the power of the heart and love, and is a Heart Chakra crystal. The Heart Chakra is the center of the chakra system, connecting the three lower physical and emotional centers with the three higher mental and spiritual centers (located in our physical body in the center of your chest, near the heart).  The purpose of the Heart Chakra is to achieve perfect union through love.

As a trained and certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher, I study and understand the ancient traditions of healing with natural elements, and use this ancient wisdom in developing my tourmaline chakra jewelry, tourmaline crystal jewelry, tourmaline healing jewelry, tourmaline yoga jewelry, tourmaline crystal healing jewelry, tourmaline reiki jewelry, tourmaline gemstone jewelry, and tourmaline jewelry.

Tourmaline is a beautiful crystal healing chakra stone that can help us accomplish beautiful, neccesary work in our lives!



Jade Reiki Jewelry and Jade Crystal Healing Jewelry

Jade is a powerful and important chakra gemstone. 

For more than 6,000 years (that we know of) Jade has been recognized and used for its powerful metaphysical and healing properties, by people all over the world. Jade has been used ceremonially in Europe, Polynesia, the Americas and Asia for a long, long time. While all sorts of attributes are ascribed to Jade, there is a consensus among healers and shamans across virtually all indigenous cultures around three in particular: as a channel to our dreams, as an aid in fertility and for protection.

Jade can help us dream more vividly, become more open and sensitive to understanding our dreams, or even help us become aware of spirit-world meanings and information that we have been insensitive to. Jade has also been known across cultures to aid in physical health and healing.

Two totally different minerals are commonly sold as “Jade,” – Nephrite, and Jadeite. Nephrite is composed of calcium magnesium silicate and is more of an olive-green. Jadeite (true Jade) is a sodium aluminum silicate and can range from pastel green, leaf-green, blue-green, and emerald green all the way to lavenders, pinks, reds and oranges. Jade is associated with the Heart Chakra and the Taurus Zodiac sign.

In my practice at Cosmic Lotus Jewelry I use my training as a Certified Vinyasa Yoga and Reiki Teacher to select jade stones and design jade chakra jewelry, crystal jewelry, yoga jewelry, healing jewelry, crystal healing jewelry, reiki jewelry, and jade gemstone jewelry, for its healing chakra benefits.


Hematite Crystal Healing Jewelry and Hematite Reiki Jewelry

Hematite is neither a crystal nor a gem, but rather a mineral – and a powerful one at that. With its dense, heavy presence and deep, dark brilliant appearance, most can immediately understand why people have been drawn to the metaphysical energy properties of Hematite for thousands of years. Many people may be familiar with the popular “magnetized” Hematite bracelets and trinkets, however, it does not occur naturally in this state, so be aware of this when purchasing for your own healing purposes. Both magnetized and naturally un-magnetized Hematite have their own, different benefits.

Because Hematite is heavily iron-based, it is very much a grounding stone when used in crystal therapy. It has long been recognized in this sense with the forces of stabilization and protection. While a polished Hematite stone is striking in its Cosmic, metallic appearance, if it scratched or broken, it will “bleed” a rusty color. Anciently, these were known as “blood stones.” So, clearly, there is a very heavy and essential power available here – Hematite can help re-establish deep grounding and connection with both the natural forces and flows of the Earth and ourselves. This is important. In this same sense, Hematite can be helpful with recuperation from confusing life events; ancients used it to aid with divination.

It is associated with the solar plexus and heart, or Base, Chakras and the Aries, Aquarius and Capricorn zodiac signs.

Hematite is an important chakra stone in my crystal therapy practice, As a Certified Vinyasa Yoga and Reiki Teacher, I take time to select the proper Hematite stones, and incorporate them into my hematite chakra jewelry, hematite crystal jewelry, hematite yoga jewelry, hematite healing jewelry, hematite crystal healing jewelry, hematite reiki jewelry, and hematite gemstone jewelry specifically for their powerful chakra benefits. 


Ruby Zoisite Crystal Healing Jewelry and Ruby Zoisite Reiki Jewelry

Ruby Zoisite is a complex gemstone in terms of crystal therapy and chakra jewelry. It is one of my very favorite stones to work with is Ruby Zoisite. It features endlessly brilliant combinations of emerald green and ruby hues and some truly unique and powerful metaphysical properties as well. Also known as Anyolite,

Ruby Zoisite is what is known as a “combination crystal,” because the foundation green Zoisite has become home to actual Ruby crystals that are embedded within it. This generates a powerful mixture of Ruby’s love and passion together with Zoizite’s earthy patience and self-knowledge.

Ruby Zoisite is known to help make a powerful connection between a person’s core, inner self and meaningful, and unseen things in the everyday world that might otherwise go unnoticed. Throughout the ages, different cultures have used Ruby Zoisite to enhance psychic abilities or to make contact with a spirit guide.

When placed on the Crown chakra, Ruby Zoisite can increase one’s receptiveness to spirituality by opening the body’s own energy field. Ruby Zoisite has also been known to support those who seek to define or refine their own individuality as a part of the world and people they experience. Ruby zoisite chakra jewelry, ruby zoisite crystal jewelry, ruby zoisite yoga jewelry, ruby zoisite healing jewelry, ruby zoisite crystal healing jewelry, ruby zoisite reiki jewelry, ruby zoisite gemstone jewelry, and ruby zoisite jewelry can be used as part of regimens to prevent mood-swings or maintain emotional balance during stressful life situations.

How does Ruby Zoisite work? Its mineral and energy properties transform negative energy and help it flow into the positive emotional energy. Through its association with the strong emotions of love and passion, and it’s grounding in rootedness, patience, and tapping into the core of who we really are, Ruby Zoisite can have the effect of transforming the negative aspects of our strong emotions into their positive aspects … anger to resolve, jealously to compassion, fear to seeking. Its primary Chakras are the Crown and Heart and its associated Astrological signs are Aries and Aquarius.

As a Certified Vinyasa Yoga and Reiki Teacher, I can truly appreciate and understand these deep healing associations, and use this training to create my Cosmic Lotus Jewelry.


Pink Sunstone Used in Sacred Chakra Jewelry

Pink Sunstone is great to work with because it helps make beautiful jewelry and it offers such powerful healing properties, and such amazing combinations with other stones. Sunstone is actually a cousin of Labradorite and gem variety of Feldspar -- a family of silicates that comprises nearly 60% of the Earth's crust.  Sunstone is truly a beautiful gem; it gets its name because when the sun hits it, iridescent reflections shimmer off of it, making a pink glow.

For this reason, Sunstone has long been known to capture and transmit the many metaphysical powers of the sun. It can help bring out the light, or positivity, in all situations, even when they are difficult for us to see or understand. It has historically been known as a “lucky” charm, however, seasoned and trained crystal healers understand that what casual wearers experience as “luck” is really the metaphysical power of the stone itself at work.

The Sunstone enables the wearer to who feels wronged or abandoned to find their inner confidence and optimism, turning fear into strength and motivation. The Sunstone was traditionally used by ancient Greeks to connect with their Sun Gods, by many First Nations peoples in medicine wheel rituals, by, and by several ancient Asian Indian communities for protection from other-worldly dark deities.

The Sunstone’s Primary Chakra is the Root Chakra; its Secondary Chakras are the Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra. Its Astrological signs are Leo and Libra.


Dalmatian Jasper and Chakra Jewelry

Because of my training as a Certified Vinyasa Reiki Yoga Teacher, I truly appreciate the deep, deep chakra power of Dalmatian Jasper and how it can be used in Chakra jewelry, Yoga jewelry and crystal healing jewelry.

Dalmatian Jasper has been used throughout the ages to make animal and spirit totems. It is most readily known for its calming and healing properties, used to harmonize emotions that are confused or misaligned. It is also recognized as being a powerful aid in preventing the misalignment of emotions going into situations that are likely to be upsetting or confusing. This isn’t surprising, as Dalmatian Jasper is known to help overly analytical individuals gain clarity, and it is also associated with the calming and reassuring spirits of our animal friends.

Dalmatian Jasper has long been seen as a “stone of service,” helping the wearing to think of others. It accomplishes this by clarifying and purifying the aura and other dysfunctional energies. The black Tourmaline inclusions can help to powerfully and quickly dissipate and transmutes harmful energy that would otherwise lead the wearer toward potentially unsafe situations or decisions. For these reasons, Dalmatian Jasper can help during times of mild depression or emotional ruts, opening our senses to the possibility of fun, humor, and surprise.


Dalmatian Jasper’s Primary Chakras are Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus.  Its Astrological sign is Gemini.

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