July 2014

Amazonite Crystal Healing Jewelry and Reiki Jewelry

Amazonite has been recognized and used as a sacred healing stone in ancient cultures around the world since before the dawn of civilization. It has been found in jewelry, amulets, talismans and totems from South America, Meso-America, Egypt, Sudan and Mesopotamia, to many other cultures. Amazonite was used as an embedded decorative embellishment in sacred Egyptian materials, and Amazonite was the third stone in the breastplate of the ancient Jewish High Priest.

Referred to as the Courage Stone and also the Truth Stone, Amazonite is known to enable a wearer to enter her self to discover deeper truths, understanding and aligning with integrity. Amazonite has been associated with freeing the wearer from judgements, from self-persecution, and from crippling misconceptions by clearing the consciousness and redefining emoptional space. 

As a metaphysical conduit, Amazonite has the effect of calming the Chakras and aligning the physical body with the ethereal. Amazonite has been shown for eons to be especially empowering for the Heart and Throat Chakras, energizing loving vibrations across multiple levels. Amazonite can also assist with balancing one’s male and female energies and other off-kilter personalty elements. It can re-awaken empathy and compassion by opening previously rigid perceptions and opinions.

How does it work? From the Chakra perspective, Amazonite aligns with the The Throat Chakra and Heart Chakras. The Throat Chakra "speaks" for the body -- it is the physical body's "voice.". It allows powerful and necessary energy from all the other chakras to be "spoken," or expressed. If the Throat Chakra is blocked off, it will put into imballance all other chakras. However, when the Throat Chakra is open and balanced, so are we.

I love to use Amazonite in my Chakra and Yoga crystal therapy jewelry practice. It's bright blue color and subtle, nuanced sacred healing and Chakra alignments work great in combination with so many other stones.



Agate Reiki Jewelry and Agate Crystal Healing Jewelry

I feel that it is very important that your crystal therapy and Chakra jewelry is thoughtfully created by a Vinyasa Yoga teacher and guide so that each item will be infused with specific intention and put together piece-by-piece so that it can truly be called chakra healing jewelry. Let's learn about agate healing stones!

Agate is a variety of the banded Chalcedony, which is a Quartz. Because of its banded “river” and circular “eye” markings, many sacred cultures thought of the agate stone as an “Earth rainbow,” both because it has healing properties of introspection and because its concentric bands come in virtually every color that the sun’s light and the Earth combine to bring forth. It is no surprise, then, that the sacred Agate healing stones have been found with the artifacts of virtually all ancient and medieval peoples.

Metaphysically, Agate produces a mild intensity, vibrating at a slower frequency than many other stones. However, this is not a sign of it having less power. Rather it is known to be a sign of its steady intensity and constant connection to all natural and cosmic forces. Indeed, Agate is revered as both a stabilizing and rejuvenating influence. While appearing fragile and delicate, the healing crystals and stones of Agate are in fact resilient, powerful and strong. Agate is known as being appropriate for brining balance to emotional, physical and mental energy, and for helping to harmonize oppositional characteristics.

The Agate aligns with the Crown Chakra, the seat of highest human perfection.  The Crown Chakra (located in our physical body at the top of your head) unites in itself all of the energies of the lower centers. When this chakra unfolds, any blockages remaining in the other six dissolve and the energies begin to vibrate at their highest possible frequencies. Without the opening of the Crown Chakra we will feel separated from abundance and wholeness and will not be completely free of fear.


Tourmaline Crystal Healing Jewelry and Tourmaline Reiki Jewelry

Tourmaline is a powerful healing, Chakra and Yoga crystal for many reasons. 

 Tourmaline is truly unique. It is part of complicated family called aluminum borosilicates that combine magnesium and other metals to bring forth an explosion of natural colors -- yellow, pink, red, green, brown, black, blue or violet. Truly, Tourmaline is a stone that births itself in color for each of the main Chakras. Tourmaline was known to the ancients as an important and magical healing crystal. Egyptian legends tell us that Tourmaline traveled from the center of the Earth, passing through a rainbow, to bring all of the beautiful, healing colored light back to earth for our benefit.

In its natural, elemental environment, Tourmaline forms as a vertical crystal with a distinctive triangular cross-section that can be opaque or transparent and that can feature one color or many. You can imagine the possibilities for totems, bead and healing crystals! As we pronounce it in English, the name Tourmaline comes down from the ancient Sinhalese word "Turmali," which expresses the idea, "a sacred, precious stone of many colors." Tourmaline attracted the attention of sacred healers from the dawn  of time not ONLY for its colors -- but for its ability to become charged electrically simply by rubbing it or heating it.

Because it is a complex stone, Tourmaline has a complex and powerful Chakra profile. However, in all ways and expressions it reflects the power of the heart and love, and is a Heart Chakra crystal. The Heart Chakra is the center of the chakra system, connecting the three lower physical and emotional centers with the three higher mental and spiritual centers (located in our physical body in the center of your chest, near the heart).  The purpose of the Heart Chakra is to achieve perfect union through love.

As a trained and certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher, I study and understand the ancient traditions of healing with natural elements, and use this ancient wisdom in developing my tourmaline chakra jewelry, tourmaline crystal jewelry, tourmaline healing jewelry, tourmaline yoga jewelry, tourmaline crystal healing jewelry, tourmaline reiki jewelry, tourmaline gemstone jewelry, and tourmaline jewelry.

Tourmaline is a beautiful crystal healing chakra stone that can help us accomplish beautiful, neccesary work in our lives!