Amazonite Crystal Healing Jewelry and Reiki Jewelry

Amazonite has been recognized and used as a sacred healing stone in ancient cultures around the world since before the dawn of civilization. It has been found in jewelry, amulets, talismans and totems from South America, Meso-America, Egypt, Sudan and Mesopotamia, to many other cultures. Amazonite was used as an embedded decorative embellishment in sacred Egyptian materials, and Amazonite was the third stone in the breastplate of the ancient Jewish High Priest.

Referred to as the Courage Stone and also the Truth Stone, Amazonite is known to enable a wearer to enter her self to discover deeper truths, understanding and aligning with integrity. Amazonite has been associated with freeing the wearer from judgements, from self-persecution, and from crippling misconceptions by clearing the consciousness and redefining emoptional space. 

As a metaphysical conduit, Amazonite has the effect of calming the Chakras and aligning the physical body with the ethereal. Amazonite has been shown for eons to be especially empowering for the Heart and Throat Chakras, energizing loving vibrations across multiple levels. Amazonite can also assist with balancing one’s male and female energies and other off-kilter personalty elements. It can re-awaken empathy and compassion by opening previously rigid perceptions and opinions.

How does it work? From the Chakra perspective, Amazonite aligns with the The Throat Chakra and Heart Chakras. The Throat Chakra "speaks" for the body -- it is the physical body's "voice.". It allows powerful and necessary energy from all the other chakras to be "spoken," or expressed. If the Throat Chakra is blocked off, it will put into imballance all other chakras. However, when the Throat Chakra is open and balanced, so are we.

I love to use Amazonite in my Chakra and Yoga crystal therapy jewelry practice. It's bright blue color and subtle, nuanced sacred healing and Chakra alignments work great in combination with so many other stones.


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