Hematite Crystal Healing Jewelry and Hematite Reiki Jewelry

Hematite is neither a crystal nor a gem, but rather a mineral – and a powerful one at that. With its dense, heavy presence and deep, dark brilliant appearance, most can immediately understand why people have been drawn to the metaphysical energy properties of Hematite for thousands of years. Many people may be familiar with the popular “magnetized” Hematite bracelets and trinkets, however, it does not occur naturally in this state, so be aware of this when purchasing for your own healing purposes. Both magnetized and naturally un-magnetized Hematite have their own, different benefits.

Because Hematite is heavily iron-based, it is very much a grounding stone when used in crystal therapy. It has long been recognized in this sense with the forces of stabilization and protection. While a polished Hematite stone is striking in its Cosmic, metallic appearance, if it scratched or broken, it will “bleed” a rusty color. Anciently, these were known as “blood stones.” So, clearly, there is a very heavy and essential power available here – Hematite can help re-establish deep grounding and connection with both the natural forces and flows of the Earth and ourselves. This is important. In this same sense, Hematite can be helpful with recuperation from confusing life events; ancients used it to aid with divination.

It is associated with the solar plexus and heart, or Base, Chakras and the Aries, Aquarius and Capricorn zodiac signs.

Hematite is an important chakra stone in my crystal therapy practice, As a Certified Vinyasa Yoga and Reiki Teacher, I take time to select the proper Hematite stones, and incorporate them into my hematite chakra jewelry, hematite crystal jewelry, hematite yoga jewelry, hematite healing jewelry, hematite crystal healing jewelry, hematite reiki jewelry, and hematite gemstone jewelry specifically for their powerful chakra benefits. 

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