Pink Sunstone Used in Sacred Chakra Jewelry

Pink Sunstone is great to work with because it helps make beautiful jewelry and it offers such powerful healing properties, and such amazing combinations with other stones. Sunstone is actually a cousin of Labradorite and gem variety of Feldspar -- a family of silicates that comprises nearly 60% of the Earth's crust.  Sunstone is truly a beautiful gem; it gets its name because when the sun hits it, iridescent reflections shimmer off of it, making a pink glow.

For this reason, Sunstone has long been known to capture and transmit the many metaphysical powers of the sun. It can help bring out the light, or positivity, in all situations, even when they are difficult for us to see or understand. It has historically been known as a “lucky” charm, however, seasoned and trained crystal healers understand that what casual wearers experience as “luck” is really the metaphysical power of the stone itself at work.

The Sunstone enables the wearer to who feels wronged or abandoned to find their inner confidence and optimism, turning fear into strength and motivation. The Sunstone was traditionally used by ancient Greeks to connect with their Sun Gods, by many First Nations peoples in medicine wheel rituals, by, and by several ancient Asian Indian communities for protection from other-worldly dark deities.

The Sunstone’s Primary Chakra is the Root Chakra; its Secondary Chakras are the Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra. Its Astrological signs are Leo and Libra.

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