Ruby Zoisite Crystal Healing Jewelry and Ruby Zoisite Reiki Jewelry

Ruby Zoisite is a complex gemstone in terms of crystal therapy and chakra jewelry. It is one of my very favorite stones to work with is Ruby Zoisite. It features endlessly brilliant combinations of emerald green and ruby hues and some truly unique and powerful metaphysical properties as well. Also known as Anyolite,

Ruby Zoisite is what is known as a “combination crystal,” because the foundation green Zoisite has become home to actual Ruby crystals that are embedded within it. This generates a powerful mixture of Ruby’s love and passion together with Zoizite’s earthy patience and self-knowledge.

Ruby Zoisite is known to help make a powerful connection between a person’s core, inner self and meaningful, and unseen things in the everyday world that might otherwise go unnoticed. Throughout the ages, different cultures have used Ruby Zoisite to enhance psychic abilities or to make contact with a spirit guide.

When placed on the Crown chakra, Ruby Zoisite can increase one’s receptiveness to spirituality by opening the body’s own energy field. Ruby Zoisite has also been known to support those who seek to define or refine their own individuality as a part of the world and people they experience. Ruby zoisite chakra jewelry, ruby zoisite crystal jewelry, ruby zoisite yoga jewelry, ruby zoisite healing jewelry, ruby zoisite crystal healing jewelry, ruby zoisite reiki jewelry, ruby zoisite gemstone jewelry, and ruby zoisite jewelry can be used as part of regimens to prevent mood-swings or maintain emotional balance during stressful life situations.

How does Ruby Zoisite work? Its mineral and energy properties transform negative energy and help it flow into the positive emotional energy. Through its association with the strong emotions of love and passion, and it’s grounding in rootedness, patience, and tapping into the core of who we really are, Ruby Zoisite can have the effect of transforming the negative aspects of our strong emotions into their positive aspects … anger to resolve, jealously to compassion, fear to seeking. Its primary Chakras are the Crown and Heart and its associated Astrological signs are Aries and Aquarius.

As a Certified Vinyasa Yoga and Reiki Teacher, I can truly appreciate and understand these deep healing associations, and use this training to create my Cosmic Lotus Jewelry.

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