Tourmaline Crystal Healing Jewelry and Tourmaline Reiki Jewelry

Tourmaline is a powerful healing, Chakra and Yoga crystal for many reasons. 

 Tourmaline is truly unique. It is part of complicated family called aluminum borosilicates that combine magnesium and other metals to bring forth an explosion of natural colors -- yellow, pink, red, green, brown, black, blue or violet. Truly, Tourmaline is a stone that births itself in color for each of the main Chakras. Tourmaline was known to the ancients as an important and magical healing crystal. Egyptian legends tell us that Tourmaline traveled from the center of the Earth, passing through a rainbow, to bring all of the beautiful, healing colored light back to earth for our benefit.

In its natural, elemental environment, Tourmaline forms as a vertical crystal with a distinctive triangular cross-section that can be opaque or transparent and that can feature one color or many. You can imagine the possibilities for totems, bead and healing crystals! As we pronounce it in English, the name Tourmaline comes down from the ancient Sinhalese word "Turmali," which expresses the idea, "a sacred, precious stone of many colors." Tourmaline attracted the attention of sacred healers from the dawn  of time not ONLY for its colors -- but for its ability to become charged electrically simply by rubbing it or heating it.

Because it is a complex stone, Tourmaline has a complex and powerful Chakra profile. However, in all ways and expressions it reflects the power of the heart and love, and is a Heart Chakra crystal. The Heart Chakra is the center of the chakra system, connecting the three lower physical and emotional centers with the three higher mental and spiritual centers (located in our physical body in the center of your chest, near the heart).  The purpose of the Heart Chakra is to achieve perfect union through love.

As a trained and certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher, I study and understand the ancient traditions of healing with natural elements, and use this ancient wisdom in developing my tourmaline chakra jewelry, tourmaline crystal jewelry, tourmaline healing jewelry, tourmaline yoga jewelry, tourmaline crystal healing jewelry, tourmaline reiki jewelry, tourmaline gemstone jewelry, and tourmaline jewelry.

Tourmaline is a beautiful crystal healing chakra stone that can help us accomplish beautiful, neccesary work in our lives!



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