Crystal Care

Perhaps you are purchasing replacement crystals for yourself and have been using healing crystals for many years. However, you may be new to crystal therapy, in which case it is important that you learn about taking care of your healing crystal jewelry so that you can truly bond with them and so they can be of maximum effect for you. This is something that doesn’t occur to many people.

Crystals and gems are powerful in part because of the energy they have absorbed over time in the earth and through their interaction with other gems and other energy sources. Of course, my crystal jewelry works through my knowledge of understanding how the different crystals will work together, through understanding how to select quality gems and crystals, and by preparing them properly while assembling my jewelry.

After you receive your jewelry, and as you wear and bond with it, your crystals will naturally absorb your energy. As you go through different events in your life, as you encounter different physical environments, or are in proximity to different people, you may feel the need to cleanse your jewelry.

As you work with different healers or companions in yoga and meditation sessions, for instance, your jewelry will be sensitive to what you are encountering. Of course, I am not suggesting that you cleanse your jewelry every day. This will NOT be good for your crystals. However, many people find that an annual or other period cleansing ritual or ceremony is beneficial. You will probably “know” when the time is right to do this.


The following are traditional cleansing methods that have been used through the ages that I personally recommend. First, you want to infuse your crystals with your own energy and intention. In a quiet place, when you have had time to prepare for what you are doing, hold your crystals in your hands and picture them being bathed in pure light, clarified, and become wholesome – or however you would convey these sentiments. Visually, mentally and emotionally close these thoughts with the light become clear water washing over your crystals, and allow the process to end in whatever way it will.

Next, gently dab your crystals with some pure spring water, rain water, or other water from a stream, pond, lake or the ocean. Allow them to dry in the sunlight, and rest overnight in the moonlight. The next morning, smudging with the smoke of lavender, cedar or sage (i.e., simply allow the smoke to pass over them) and then place on a bed of natural rock salt overnight.

Obviously, the above process is comprehensive and requires some planning with the calendar. You can always recharge your crystals with a personal mediation that has that specific intention. Placing your crystals at the window under the moonlight or for a lightning or thunderstorm and asking that they be recharged will also be helpful. In general, remember that your crystal jewelry is sensitive – just like you are – and that you are building a relationship with it over time.