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Egyptian Journey Perfume Spray

Item Description

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a connection to ancient Egypt. Back in the pre-internet days of my childhood, I would spend hours looking through the Time Life book series on all things Egyptian…I was obsessed with the pyramids and pharaohs, hieroglyphics and the Book of the Dead. Once I was older and started dipping a toe into more spiritual pursuits, that connection shifted from a passing interest to a deep knowing that I had been there before.

My mom and I speak often of one particular event from 8 or 9 years ago; we were at an Egyptian mummy exhibit at the Buffalo Museum of Science and she witnessed what can only be described as a memory from one of my past lives. This event was so vivid to me that she couldn’t deny it either. She said as she was witnessing me have this experience, she knew it was not just my route moving forward, but my “root” looking back (very insightful!). Genealogical DNA testing pretty much confirmed some of that inner knowing as well - but those are stories for another day.

So when present day me decided to reconnect to past life me, Egyptian Journey was born again.

Hand created literally drop by drop over a span of several months, this blend is a mix of earthy, aromatic essential oils including Amber, Sandalwood, Angelica & Lotus. 

You will receive (1) 10ml Egyptian Journey perfume spray (alcohol based) with labradorite chips included.

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