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Reiki is a form of hands on healing that uses universal energy to positively affect another's energy field.  Reiki helps to clear blocks as well as strengthen and heal the energy pathways allowing life force to flow in a healthy way.

  • Reiki can relax and calm you when you are stressed
  • Reiki can help bring deep relaxation or can energize you when you are drained
  • Reiki detoxifies the body and helps dissolve energy blockages
  • Reiki can improve overall health

REIKI - initial consultation includes overall energy assessment, discussion of chakra system and how energy moves throughout the body. A handheld crystal healing tool (chacrys) will be used to start the session followed by hands-on reiki and chakra balancing, which typically includes messages received during the session. Crystals/jewelry that can help the client stay energetically balanced are available for purchase after the session.

  • $75 for initial session; $60/hr for subsequent sessions.

Please contact Nikki Benatovich by phone at (818) 605-6356 or email at for more information or to book your appt.